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Naomi Judd Reveals Her Struggle With Depression: “I Couldn’t Get Out”

She was abandoned by her birth father, sexually abused as a child, had a teenage pregnancy, was a single mother, lived in poverty while on welfare, was raped and beaten by an ex-con who stalked her…all by age 22. She even lived a year with her babies without a TV or phone. But in an interview this morning with Megyn Kelly, Naomi Judd talks about overcoming another horror: severe, treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. Find out what Naomi’s been doing, and why NAMI is an important part of her life.

An Important Announcement from NAMI Boise

Dear NAMI member or friend,

I’m Eric Cawley, the new NAMI Boise Board President. Because NAMI Boise has experienced many, many changes over the last two months, I thought it would be good to fill you in on those changes, as well as our plans for the future:

NAMI Boise Name Change: We recently petitioned NAMI Idaho and NAMI National to change our name to “NAMI Treasure Valley”. NAMI Idaho has unanimously approved the request, and NAMI National has signaled that it will go along with whatever NAMI Idaho decides. So, we are awaiting something official from National. Why the name change? Our current and/or planned operations span from Ontario to Mountain Home, and we wanted a name to accurately reflect the true scope of our operations, and to ensure every community in our area is accounted for.

New Website: Please check out our new website at It has a variety of new features, including one which we anticipate launching in 2018: the Treasure Valley Mental Health Resources Directory.

New Board of Directors: In addition to a board President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, we also have several Directors. All have been (or will soon be) tasked with some specific objectives. We now have board members focused on raising corporate contributions, obtaining grants, public relations, IT and data, and NAMI programs. It’s highly anticipated we’ll be bringing on more board members soon, including one who will be focused on outreach to the family and peer support specialists professional community.

Re-prioritized Focus: Until now, NAMI Boise has spent a considerable amount of funds on administrative functions, like an office lease, copier/printer lease, phones, internet access, etc. While these functions are nice, they take away funds which could be used to get more facilitators trained, to open new NAMI programs throughout the Treasure Valley and to reach out to people in our area who have never heard of NAMI. Thus, we have made drastic cuts in our administrative costs. We have closed our office (which wasn’t very cost-effective, especially in light of the very, very few people who visited there every week) and will soon be changing our phone service (from the old office’s phone/internet package) to a cell phone which our Executive Director (or a Board designee) will have with them at all times. We are also establishing an account with a new non-profit crowdfunding service which gives us a greater percentage of funds donated to us.

Heightened Fundraising: These ongoing efforts (to reduce administrative costs, then redirect those funds to community-based programs and outreach) by NAMI Boise/Treasure Valley will make it far easier for us to approach potential corporate donors to donate to NAMI Boise/TV and underwrite the costs associated with getting facilitators trained, launching and maintaining various programs. We are solidifying plans to enthusiastically recruit these corporate sponsors in 2018. We are also formulating plans to pursue grants to further these objectives. Finally, start breaking in your new Christmas tennis shoes, because we’re making plans for a NAMI Walk in May, 2018!!!!!

An Exciting Future: It’s our hope that with these plans in place, we will be in a far better position to solidify our current NAMI programs, start new NAMI programs throughout the Treasure Valley and heighten efforts to reach out to the estimated 110,000 Treasure Valley residents who experience a mental health illness every year, as well as their friends and family members.

In short, we envision a far greater role for NAMI in the Treasure Valley. Between our new website, our forthcoming Mental Health Resources Directory, solidified/expanded programs and more marketing to area residents, I’m here to categorically state that not only is NAMI Boise alive and well, but will also be bigger and better in the near future.

How You Can Help

We need two things:

Financial Support: NAMI Boise’s financial status is solid. And as you can see, we’re doing our part to ensure community classes and outreach efforts receive top budget priority.

But we need your help to keep these efforts alive and moving forward. NAMI Boise relies on private donations to fund our operations. You and/or your work’s tax-deductible donation of $50, $100 or more will help us achieve our goal of helping vastly more Treasure Valley residents. Feel free to email your check to NAMI Boise, PO Box 9492, Boise, ID 83707. If you’re paying via c credit card, please contact our Executive Director at and he’ll arrange it.

Directors: We really need about six more people on our board so it can run optimally, so if you have an hour or two in a month to spare, please contact me at (And yes, I’m serious about the hour or two).

Calendar Items

NAMI Idaho Regional Conference: I highly encourage you to attend the annual NAMI Idaho Regional Conference, to be held in Boise on January 27th 9am – 3pm. It will feature some compelling, informative speakers discussing how you can effectively educate, engage and encourage your organization or community regarding mental health. I’ll send you another email soon once some last-minute details are finalized.

NAMI Boise’s Spring Family-to-Family course: Click here to sign up!Registration deadline: Wednesday, January 31.

NAMI Boise’s Spring Peer-to-Peer and Basics courses: We are also taking registrations for these courses.

As always, please contact us at with any administrative questions or concerns, and myself at for anything else.

Attend the NAMI Boise Fall Fundraiser

Date: Saturday, October 21
Time: 10am – 2pm
Place: Boise Capitol Park (map)

Keynote Speaker: Author/Advocate Liza Long
“In Our Own Voice” Presentation
Live Music from Minor Paradox
Trunk or Treat Family Fun
Local Mental Health Resources
Silent Auction and Raffles
Idaho Service Dogs


  • 1 in 5 adults experiences a mental health condition every year. Yet only 38% of adults receive needed treatment.
  • 1 in 5 children have a mental health disorder, but less than 20% of them receive needed treatment.
  • A growing number of Idahoans get help only when they reach a crisis point — attempting suicide, getting arrested, having a dangerous psychotic episode or ending up homeless.
  • Public help isn’t forthcoming. For many years, Idaho has ranked 49th in per capita spending on mental health out of all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

NAMI Boise’s various support programs rely on your donations to proactively help those affected by mental illness.

Help an Idahoan find hope. Click here to donate to NAMI Boise today!

September 10-16 is National Suicide Prevention Week!

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare’s Suicide Prevention Program in the Division of Public Health is just barely a year old, but a lot has accomplished in that time. One notable accomplishment includes rolling out their statewide public awareness campaign. This campaign will be the first of its kind in Idaho and likely, the nation. The premise behind the campaign aligns closely with the 2011 Idaho Suicide Prevention Plan which promotes the idea that everyone has a role to play in suicide prevention. The Suicide Prevention Program public awareness campaign focuses on the helping person; the friend, family member, co-worker.  The campaign slogan, “Rock Your Role,” reminds people that suicide is preventable and everybody plays a part.  It stresses that watching for warning signs, asking if someone is thinking of suicide and getting help can save a life. The public awareness campaign includes TV spots and printed materials. TV spots should air sometime later this fall, while printed materials are already being distributed by statewide suicide prevention partners and are also available for free at  Get involved and rock your role!

Every American can play a role in protecting their friends, family members, and colleagues from suicide. There are action steps anyone, anywhere can take to be there for someone who is struggling or in crisis. To elevate awareness about simple actions that can help save a life, the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention (Action Alliance) and its partners are coming together September 11-16. We invite you to join us to help spread the word that everyone can take steps to prevent suicide, in honor of Suicide Prevention Month (September), National Suicide Prevention Week (September 11-17), and World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10).

There are many ways to join and promote this collective effort!

For more information, contact the Idaho Suicide Prevention Program at 208-334-4948 or visit

A death penalty exemption for the seriously mentally ill?

Click here for an opinion article, published in The Idaho Statesman, by NAMI Boise President Liza Long.

Overall Quality Mental Health Care: Idaho Jumps from 48th to 47th

Out of 50 states and Washington DC, Idaho has moved up — from 49th to 48th — in terms of quality mental health care. According to, Oregon, Arizona and Nevada have worse rates of mental illness and access to care.

This is the third time that Mental Health America is making public its annual State of Mental Health Report, ranking the 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia according to various mental health and access measures.

The report depicts a more insured country, but one that still fails to meet the needs of the people who require mental health assistance and guidance.

Click here for a news article about the report.
Click here to access the report.

3rd Annual March for Mental Health Awareness

In Idaho, lack of funding and low priority given to mental health, along with the growing number of people facing mental illness with inadequate assistance, continues to lead us to a burgeoning crisis.

Things change with advocacy!

Join us Saturday, October 15! We’ll gather in Julia Davis Park at the Boise Pavilion at 9:00 a.m. and march to the Idaho State Capitol steps.

Teams & Donations

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